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AB Custom Designs now offers many works for rental. Perfect for real estate staging and the film industry. Below are some FAQ to help the process:

What does it cost to rent?

The rentals are based on a percentage of the total value of the work generally 10% plus a deposit.

Are the works for sale?

Yes. All the works are for sale with no obligation to purchase.

Is there a minimum rental period?

A minimum of 1 week. There is no maximum for rentals

Do you install the artwork?

Yes. I can deliver and install the work for you. This is an extra cost.

Business tax break?

Yes. In fact, rental fees for Canadian artwork(s) are a tax-deductable business expense and the purchase of Canadian artwork can be a deductable business asset.

What is available?

Artwork on canvas, wood panel and framed archival Mono-prints are available but due to the nature of the business works are continuously changing, it's best to message me for availability.